South Gwent Ramblers 2019

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20190126_middlesbro_1e2f1e5 20190216_allt-yr-yn_1e2f1ea 20190319_red-fruiti_1e2f1f2 20190414_4_group_at_1e2f1fb 20190422_brimstone__1e2f1ff
20190126 Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge 1.jpg
20190216 Allt-yr-Yn Nature Reserve pond with paddling dalmation 1.jpg
20190319 Red-fruiting algae on canal.jpg
20190414 4 Group at Snailcreep Terrace.jpg
20190422 Brimstone moth in Fields Park Avenue, Newport, South Wales.jpg
20190429_duchess_of_1e2f207 20190525_preening_s_1e2f20c 20190530_purple_cra_1e2f214 20190601_1_blenhiem_1e2f21c 20190601_2_blenhiem_1e2f225
20190429 Duchess of Sutherland (LMS 6233) in the Newport triangle.jpg
20190525 Preening swans and 8 cygnets on canal footbath below Barrack Hill Newport.jpg
20190530 Purple Cranesbill, Poppy and Beaked Hawksbeard late May in Dandelion field at farm nr Blenhiem Palace, Oxfordshire.jpg
20190601 1 Blenhiem Palace oval ceiling painting in ornate setting in the Great Hall.jpg
20190601 2 Blenhiem Palace ornate setting of the Great Hall.jpg
20190601_3_blenhiem_1e2f22a 20190601_4_blenhiem_1e2f237 20190602_path_near__1e2f23b 20190602_wooten_hou_1e2f243 20190609_1_sidmouth_1e2f24c
20190601 3 Blenhiem Palace - The Third State room.jpg
20190601 4 Blenhiem Palace - Winston Curchill's Birth Room.jpg
20190602 Path near Wooton, Oxon Walkers are welcome!.jpg
20190602 Wooten Houses on the hill up from the river .jpg
20190609 1 Sidmouth two-storey thatched houses.jpg