South Gwent Ramblers 2018

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20180106_monmouth_at_dusk 20180110_hills_in_w_1de64ea 20180111_the_people_1de64f4 20180126_bier_track_1de64fa 20180202_south_shie_1de6506
20180106 Monmouth at dusk.jpg
20180110 Hills in winter sunshine with mist from double view.jpg
20180111 The Peoples Republic of New Road, Crickhowel.jpg
20180126 Bier Track, Llanthony.jpg
20180202 South Shields Harbour.jpg
20180207_fac4_1-0_u_1de650e 20180610_corfe_cast_1de6518 20180724_daft_footp_1de651d 20180805_bbq_1_tint_1de6534 20180805_bbq_2_ken__1de6539
20180207 FAC4 1-0 up near half time, County awaiting a Tottenham corner.jpg
20180610 Corfe Castle, nestling cottages and the railway.jpg
20180724 Daft footpath direction sign.jpg
20180805 BBQ 1 Tintern Old Station flowers in tree.jpg
20180805 BBQ 2 Ken Poole and Pam Jones.jpg
20180805_bbq_3_lesl_1de653e 20180903_liz_s_farewell 20180917_tree__ted__1de654a 20180924_bright_aut_1de654f 20180926_black_moun_1de6556
20180805 BBQ 3 Leslie and Jan Lavis.jpg
20180903 Liz's farewell.jpg
20180917 Tree, Ted and chocolate bracket fungus.jpg
20180924 Bright Autumn leaf crop.jpg
20180926 Black Mountains - Pen-y-Gader Fawr from Bal Mawr.jpg
20181002_1_whitby_s_1de655b 20181002_2_whitby_a_1de6560 20181002_3_whitby_r_1de6565 20181002_4_whitby_s_1de6569 20181002_5_robin_ho_1de656f
20181002 1 Whitby St Mary's church and Priory over the harbour pano.jpg
20181002 2 Whitby Abbey detail.jpg
20181002 3 Whitby River Esk, harbour and bay pano.jpg
20181002 4 Whitby St Mary's church from south pier.jpg
20181002 5 Robin Hood's Bay with ramblers.jpg