South Gwent Ramblers 2014

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20140102_ted__ken__c_38fa8a 20140112_working_man_38faa1 20140119_group_refle_38faa9 20140126_sheep_in_line_b_w 20140205_group_on_th_38fab5
20140102 Ted, Ken, Chris on Mynydd Garnclochdy.jpg
20140112 Working man on Hatterrall Hill.jpg
20140119 Group reflection in flooded field.jpg
20140126 Sheep in line b&w.jpg
20140205 Group on the Granite Trail in Dartmoor (Ted).jpg
20140216_football_fi_38faba 20140218_night_light_38fabe 20140219_top_of_skyr_38fac2 20140223_grug_mawr_(ted) 20140226_monmouthshi_38facb
20140216 Football fields - for water polo?.jpg
20140218 Night lights from the Old Town Bridge, Newport.jpg
20140219 Top of Skyrrid John S Roger Ted.jpg
20140223 Grug Mawr (Ted).jpg
20140226 Monmouthshire Hunt with Ted-like quarry.jpg
20140307_willow_warb_38fad3 20140309_gable_mural_38fad7 20140312_fred_and_ro_38fae0 20140313_transporter_38fae6 20140323_group_near__38faee
20140307 Willow Warbler in Fields Park Crescent.jpg
20140309 Gable mural in Builth Wells.jpg
20140312 Fred and Roger tackle a monster in a field (Ted).jpg
20140313 Transporter bridge gondola and mist.jpg
20140323 Group near Parc Cwm Darren at rainbow waterfall.jpg