SGR pics March 2006 to March 2007

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helen__ray_and_tahal_i_117a snowy_valley_view pontsticil edwardsville dogstone_ted
Helen, Ray and Tahal in a drift.psd
Snowy valley view.psd
Dogstone Ted.psd
llamas_and_ted_s_hat llanthony_priory cloud_and_green storm radnor_valleys_2
Llamas and Ted's hat.psd
Llanthony Priory.psd
Cloud and green.psd
Radnor valleys 2.psd
colin_at_his_dad_s_house winterbourne_church great_photographer_at_work bay_rocks bay_3
Colin at his Dad's house.psd
Winterbourne church.psd
Great Photographer at work.psd
Bay rocks.psd
Bay 3.psd