SGR Pics March 2005 to March 2006

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group_on_steep_snowy_slope ian_near_blagdon white_church close_encounters trees
Group on steep snowy slope.jpg
Ian near Blagdon.jpg
White church.jpg
Close encounters.jpg
mid_wales_from_hay_bluff from_knob_to_beacons traction_engine_and_mus_a18 pen_y_fan view_from_car_park
Mid Wales from Hay Bluff.jpg
From Knob to Beacons.jpg
Traction Engine and Music Machine.jpg
Pen y Fan.jpg
View from car park.jpg
view_to_pen-y-fan pen_y_fan2 admiring_ferns foxgloves east_from_black_mountains
View to Pen-y-Fan.jpg
Pen y Fan2.jpg
Admiring ferns.jpg
East from Black Mountains.jpg